About Me

Nathan Carlos

Where do I start?

I’m currently studying my Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) & Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Italy).

What some may not know is that prior to undertaking my double degree I had already completed my Diploma of Journalism.

Between the time I finished my Diploma and began to study again, I went on a gap year that saw me travel to places I had not travelled to before which included, Adelaide, Seoul, Los Angeles, San Francisco & revisit my place of birth, Philippines.

While I was there my passion for food reignited.

Making food has been a gateway to my creativity. I’m not really a good painter, musician or poet. I know I can do those things but it really is cooking that allows me to move freely.

What excites me about food is the way it brings people, culture and memories all together while single-handedly embracing you with comfort.

I find that people often get nervous in making ‘fancy’ food when really it’s just about knowing what ingredients to use and how to present them.

My food is homely with a touch of elegance. I hope that as you read through my recipes, you can be inspired to cook at home and make your own creations.

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