Any Seasonal Cinnamon Chocolate Mousse with Pistachio Biscuit Crumb

For whatever season or holiday… This mousse will have your family and friends wanting the recipe. Spread the joy and love of this holiday season by making my cinnamon chocolate mousse. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -Nathan Ingredients For the Biscuits 2 cups of peeled pistachios 1 cup of blanched almonds (do this prior to making this recipe)Continue reading “Any Seasonal Cinnamon Chocolate Mousse with Pistachio Biscuit Crumb”

Pancetta & Gruyere Cheese Croquettes

Mash Potato recipe will be on a seperate recipe card. For now, use whatever mash potato recipe you’ve got. Ingredients Chilled Mash Potato 2 eggs (1 full and 1 with just the yolk) 1/4 of milk 3/4 of plain flour (1/4 of cup for mixing and 1/2 cup for coating) 200g of gruyere cheese blockContinue reading “Pancetta & Gruyere Cheese Croquettes”

Scallops in Butter with Balsamic Lentil Salad

Ingredients 12 scallops (you can ask your local fishmonger if they have any scallops with shell, but this isn’t necessary unless you want to plate it up like I presented it) 20 g of butter salt & pepper to your liking coriander & roughly chopped macadamia nuts for garnish (optional) For the Salad 1 cupContinue reading “Scallops in Butter with Balsamic Lentil Salad”